Passenger rights

Denied boarding? Flight canceled? Extended delay flight? Airline companies have a legal obligation to inform you of your rights and the location where you can submit complaints.

Denied boarding

You may seek damages from 125 EUR to 600 EUR, depending on the flight distance and the delays incurred when rerouted.

Extended delays

If the delay exceeds five hours, you may request a refund of the ticket but only if you decide to abort traveling.

Flight cancellation

In case the flight is canceled you are entitled to receive cash compensation, except the following situations: you have been informed of the cancellation 14 days before the flight date, the diverted flight timetable is very close to the original one or the airline can prove that the cancellation was due to special circumstances.


Airlines can be held liable for damages resulting from delays (up to ± 4,800 EUR), for damage and loss of baggage (up to ± 1,200 EUR) and for injury or death in accidents. But they do not carry this responsibility when taking all possible measures to avoid damage or were unable to take such measures. Tourist packages operators are obliged to provide accurate information on the holiday tickets booked, comply with contractual obligations and protect passengers in the event of the insolvency of the organizer. Need more information? Call the toll-free number * from anywhere you are in the EU during working hours (09:00 – 18:30 CET on weekdays): 00800678910 11. More information and a list of national authorities responsible for enforcing these rights can be found at: * Certain mobile telephone operators do not allow access to numbers with prefix 00 800 or charge these calls. In some cases, these calls may be chargeable from phone booths or hotels.

Assistance provided by the airlines

Depending on the circumstances, if you are denied boarding or your flight is canceled or delayed, you are entitled to assistance (catering, communication media, overnight stay if necessary). If you are denied boarding or if your flight is canceled, you can choose to continue your journey or have your ticket refunded. Informations regarding airlines :