About airport – History

About airport – History


Executive President – Oana Daniela CHELARU
Technical Manager – Lucian Zion
Economic Manager -Mioara BIGHIU
Security Manager – Neculai BOTEZATU


First documents showing aviation activity in Bacau area dating back pioneering domain era. Events of this kind are referred to here during the first world war, worthy of being remembered day of 23 November 1917, when a plane carrying leaflets and messages concerning the Great Union landed on Bacau aerodrome. Airport has been opened for public transport of passengers and goods on 1 April 1946. International Airport “George Enescu” Bacau is the largest in the north-east of Romania, serving both Bacau county population as well as the neighboring counties. The current headquarters of the airport has been opened officially in the year 1971. On 30 December 1975 in Bacau airport has been designated by a presidential decree “international airport” .In the year 1997, International Airport “George Enescu” Bacau becomes a member A. C. I. (Airports Council International) .in 2005 was subject to a process of enlargement and modernisation. By order 103 of 8 February 2011 issued by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure certification is hereby approved as international airport of the airport “George Enescu” Bacau. Geographical location, in the center Moldova, from a short distance of major cities in the region, Galati, Iasi, Suceava, Piatra Neamt, Vaslui, Focsani and easy connectivity to railway line and the European highway E85 population allows easy access to the airport. Today, International Airport “George Enescu” Bacau processes more than 250 000 passengers per year, their number is growing.


1.Ticketing services at the International Airport “George Enescu” Bacau there is the office of ticketing airline related Blue Air .

2.Groundhandling services handling services to International Airport “George Enescu” Bacau county are provided by the company for the management of the airport with their own equipment. The groundhandling services offered include: · handling baggage · passenger transport to and from the terminal to the aircraft · loading and unloading of baggage, freight and mail · cleaning service cab · toilet · services of drinking water · unloading, loading, storage and transportation to mass caterers · ASU – support for start-up · GPU · heat the cab · devrigation service, anti-devrigation aircraft.
Standards and range of services are in accordance with the IATA standards, in accordance with Airport Handling Manual (AHM). 3. Traffic Management personnel International Airport “George Enescu” Bacau provides a service that is both fast and professional between 05.00 -23.00 hours (local time) – the summer season. Services traffic management shall comply with the conditions and individual airlines requirements and are provided in accordance with the IATA regulations: · charge test – only for B737 · communication · supervision · · meteorological information- NOTAM services · crew’s briefing 4. Maintenance of aircraft ,maintenance facilities for aircraft B737 and BAE 146 aircraft in the hangar. 5. Security Services the company Azia Security Systems is responsible for perimeter security International Airport “George Enescu” Bacau. Romanian Anti-tero Brigade is responsible for controlling the safety of the occupants. 6. Intervention services and fire-fighting / emergency service, emergency service and the fire brigade to International Airport “George Enescu” Bacau is in the alert at any time. It is impossible to get to all points of the gang, roadways within a period of three minutes. This division also is responsible for saving aircraft damaged, of all sizes. 7. Refilling the sole supplier of existing fuel on the International Airport “George Enescu” Bacau is Petrom Aviation OMV company. Aircraft are supplied with the type of fuel with road tankers modern Mercedes and Renault. Ground Operations Team meet your needs and is available for any questions on the phone +40234 575 362 and e-mail: office@bacauairport.ro .


International Airport “George Enescu” Bacau, designed for both civil traffic of passengers and goods as well as the military, is in managing Bacau County Council aimed at upgrading it in accordance with the international standards. The project consists of: – building a new terminal with a minimum capacity of 450 passengers/flow/hour; -modernization of gang with a load capacity of 65 PCN and the lighting system in accordance with HOW II; -modernization of roadways to future development of traffic -extending platforms with a view to ensuring parking spaces and operating aircraft ground, -construction of new facilities and utilities PSI , Cargo ,tower of control as well as of the road network internal -improvement in public area of a car parks with an area of 6500 m2.


The International Airport “George Enescu” Bacau purpose is to ensure both the necessary infrastructure and services needed for passengers and business partners as well as to provide them with care by the customer, the best possible experience by the airport. With sustained efforts, staff well-trained, dedicated and passionate, aware of the need to protect the environment, we will become your preferred airport and the main engine of economic and social development of the day.