Travel guide

Presence at the airport

We recommend that you schedule your arrival at the airport two or three hours before taking off for international flights and at least one hour before for domestic flights.
This amount of time is necessary to complete all the formalities required for your trip (passengers and luggage registration, security checks, customs control, etc.). Book your time for all this: it is in your interest to have a carefree trip!

Airport information

Once you arrive at the airport, inform yourself about your flight. It may appear last minute informations. You can address to the information office staff to clarify misunderstandings. Track the information table and folow the information screens located throughout the passenger flow area. Pay attention to all broadcast announcements and displayed informations in the airport.

Check-in formalities

Registration (check-in formalities) is carried out at the counter reserved for your flight. Formalities consist in your luggage registration and in assigning you a place on board. On the display tables you find information about your flight.
The check-in time limit can vary depending on the airline so you should make sure you meet the requirements of travel.
Your presence at the airport for check-in must be with 2-3 hours before an international flight and at least one hour for a domestic flight.
Passengers who are not present at the closing time for check-in formalities may lose the right to travel on the schedule flight.
For more information please make sure to be informed about the operating conditions of the company which you are traveling with.

Passenger’s responsibility

Because we want all stages of your journey to be completed in harmony, you should make sure that you have all the documents necessary for your trip.
To register as a passenger, is necessary to present a valid ID or passport (if applicable) and the the flight tichet (reservation).
In this step you must provide your luaggage to be weighed and the hand bag to be checked if it is within the weight and size required by the airline.

Other aspects of the journey

You must comply with all laws, regulations, and requirements of the countries of destination / departure, and Terms and Conditions of the airline that you travel with.

International Airport “George Enescu” Bacău will supply all your necessary information and the contact details for the institutions able to inform you in detail but is not responsible in any way for obtaining required travel documents or complying with the laws, rules, requirements or instructions of the airline that you travel with.

Security check

All persons who are to travel and their baggage are subject to security checks prior to boarding, in order to prevent the entry of weapons or explosives, or other devices and dangerous objects on board of the aircraft, that can be used for commiting an act of unlawful interference.
Leaving the baggage unattended in public areas of the airport is prohibited. Do not leave baggage even for a few seconds!
If, for whatever reason, the prohibited items in the cabin were not recorded as checked baaggage or surrendered to the airline, then your goods will be be dropped in special boxes and mechanically destroyed according to airport procedures in place.
In the “Baggage” section of our site you can find all the necessary informations on prohibited items in the baggage.

Customs Control

At the entry/exit from Romania must register in the custom declaration as follows:

an amount exceeding € 10,000 or its equivalent in another currency;
weapons, munition, explosive materials, radioactive or nuclear;
drugs, chemicals, toxic materials;
jewelry that exceed personal needs;
alcoholic drinks in quantities greater than 1 liter;
cigarettes in excess of two cartons (200 cigarettes);
any piece of art from the country.

For further information about customs formalities, or how to fulfill the entry or exit of from country visit or contact the Customs Office within International Airport “George Enescu” Bacău.

Documents Control

This step involves checking the documents required for border crossings and applies to all international flights. At the Border Police control you must have ready the ID documents, the boarding pass received from the airline and any empowerment / criminal records / visas / etc.
If you are accompanying a minor, please make sure that you know the terms and conditions of your trip from travel airline the Border Police.
For any other information about the control documents formalities when entering or exiting the country, please contact the Border Police office within within International Airport “George Enescu” Bacău by phone: 0040 234/572.579

Prior to boarding the aircraft

For items purchased in the transit area of the airport you must keep your receipt or invoice for the security control in case you have another flight from another airport. If these goods are sold in special packaging and sealed, do not open them until the final destination or before screening conducted in the last EU airport transfer.
Pay attention to all broadcast announcements and displayed informations in the boarding area.